MegMo HUH?

Hi! I’m Megan and I am the creator of everything that is on this site. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have been working in my field for the past 12 years. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2007 and have been pursuing my passion ever since. My heart is in creating art pieces and I participate in a variety of art shows around the Pittsburgh area. Please check out my Facebook page (and like it too while you’re on there!) to check out what events I will be a part of! My art is also sold in stores around the Pittsburgh area. I’m working on my own online store… so please check back for that (or use the contact form if you would like to purchase any art in the mean time!) I am part of The Wicked Pittsburgh Art Collective, a site that donates 20% of all art sold to charity. I have an AMAZING daughter named Juda (the most awesome lady on the planet!) and a dog named Honey. Life is crazy busy but crazy good.